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San Matteo history


I began making wine in Gavi, but my roots are really in the Langhe.

Towards the end of the nineteenth century my great-grandfather Giuseppe began growing grapes and making wine in Vesime in the Alta Langa area.

My family carried on the tradition and passed this enthusiasm for it on to me. I had another job, but I dashed to the cellar as soon as I had a spare moment to experiment with winemaking and improve my wine.


After years of trials and tribulations, I launched my first bottles on the market in 2005. 

That same year the miraculous birth of my son, hence the decision to name the winery “San Matteo”.

In the past I had always limited my skills to the perfection of wine production and never thought about sales. Something changed that year and I decided to venture out into sales. I decided to present my wines in Italy. I didn’t let that get me down. I remained enthusiastic and sought out other European markets, which proved to be winners particularly in Germany, where my wine was positively received. Today, the exportation of San Matteo wines remains strong.

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