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Here is the central heart of our farm.

The Gavi hills are best known for their natural beauty. The highlands soil is white and red in color, rich in minerals and consists of a mixture of sand, clayey marls, and volcanic ash material, ideal for growing wine grapes. The Ligurian coast breezes mark a mild and dry microclimate, giving the wines a complex structure comprised of a fine balance of acidity, sapidity and minerality.




The wine grapes are cultivated on the eastern hills of Monferrato at an altitude of about 200 to 450 meters above sea level

The vineyards have been the economic rebirth of the area since being afflicted by the grape Phylloxera. The territory of Gavi produces energy and identifies itself with its blue skies. The clouds are at your fingertips and at the same time you begin to feel the influence of the sea, soil and altitude on the vineyards.

Our vineyard rows are 100% placed in an area ​​Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin, totaling ​​33 hectares, or its equivalence of 74 acres, in ​​the San Cristoforo, Francavilla Bisio, Capriata d’Orba and Gavi zones.

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